Why Kids Ark is the Best Start ?

We use the Montessori curriculum and take kids through one-on- one lessons in Sensorials, Phonics, Numeracy, Language, Practical Life. Science and Discovery. We also have inculcated reading & illustration, drama & story time, Painting & Art Work into our learning schedules.

Our teachers are well trained and certified professionals who offer the requisite guidance to our kids.

A Unique Environment To Nurture!

In addition, we have our chore times; which is unique in a montessori environment.It is a time for pupils to learn to take pride in what is theirs in the classroom and environment.

Each pupil take turns doing various activities such as feeding the Ark’s pets, taking out the trash, watering plants, dusting, sweeping floors, washing tables/chairs, folding towels etc.

Our Monthly/weekly themes aids in achieving our daily, weekly and monthly targets.